Why Learn English in Manchester

Why Manchester and not London?

Here at EEC we would like to give you first-hand information about living in Manchester and what makes it a better choice than London if you are looking for a  total language immersion experience.

Manchester is by far a much smaller city than London, the city centre is very walkable. Rent is much more affordable, especially in areas just out of the city. You may be surprised by the beauty and large number of parks and green spaces you will find in this Northern city.

The general vibe in Manchester is much more laid back than London, and  the people are friendly and welcoming. Mancunians (people from Manchester) are proud of their city and they are happy to answer tourists’ questions.
There are plenty of job opportunities in Manchester, as in London but wages are lower as the cost of living is lower too.
English lessons for example, are much more affordable in Manchester than in London. The average price in London is 180-200 GBP per week while in Manchester they are 120-190 GBP per week. The cost depends on the type of course and the duration. See our school page for more details of our courses.
If you are a football fan, there is no better city to visit than Manchester. You can visit The Football Museum and then, depending if you support the Reds (Manchester United) or the Blues (Manchester City) you can see a match at the Theatre of Dreams (Old Trafford) or at the Etihad.

The British capital offers many leisure activities for example, musicals, plays, concerts, free museums and many others, but so does the cultural capital of the North Manchester. There are music venues such as the Manchester Arena or the O2 Apollo, theatres like the Royal Exchange and clubs like Gorilla. International performers like Beyoncé, U2, play here throughout the year. International film directors such as David Lynch have spoken about their work at Home Manchester. Therefore Manchester is a cultural player in Europe.
Just because you are studying in Manchester doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the rhythm and energetic vibes of London while you are in England. It is only two and half hours by train and if you buy tickets in advance they are a lot cheaper. Cheaper accommodation options are available in hostels and B&Bs.
Choosing Manchester over London will allow you to save money and later on you can use it to travel all around the UK. You cannot afford to miss Edinburgh, York, Bath, Bristol, Stratford-Upon Avon, Haworth or Oxford. These are all must see places.  You will have a great time on this island and at the same time your level of English will improve in a very natural way.

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