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Course Description

Business English

Improving your English is key for doing well in today’s worldwide business scene. At Express English College in Manchester, our Business English course helps you get better at the specific English skills you need for work. You will learn business vocabulary and practise real business situations like meetings and presentations. 

What is the minimum level for this course?

B2 Higher Intermediate

How Do We Assess Your Level in Business English?

Before you start the Business English course, we need to assess your English level. This might mean taking a test before you arrive or telling us about your English learning so far.

On your first day, you will have a test. Then, we will discuss your level and place you in the appropriate class

How Long Should You Study Business English?

We will discuss your goals and suggest how long you should study, which can be from 1 week to 44 weeks. 

How Many Students Will Be in My Class?

Sizes usually between 6-11 students, and never more than 12 to keep learning effective.

How Do We Keep Track of Your Progress?

We take tracking your progress seriously. You will have regular tests to see how your progress is going, and every four weeks, you’ll talk one-on-one with the Academic Manager or Assistant Academic Manager to go over your progress.

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Express English College offers the
following course combinations:

Business English Course (20 lessons)

4 English Business Course lessons a day (15 hours per week)

In the 20-lesson Business English course, students will enhance their ability to communicate in various business contexts.

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £300
13 - 23 £305
8 - 12 £310
1 -7 £320
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Business English Course Intensive (30 lessons)

4 General English Classes

2 Business English Classes

In the 30-lesson Business English course, your mornings will be filled with a General English program consisting of 20 lessons. In the afternoons, you will join a 10-lesson course designed specifically for Business English, concentrating on language use in business contexts and communication techniques relevant to the workplace.

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £400
13 - 23 £410
8 - 12 £415
1 -7 £420
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