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One-to-one programmes at Express English College are designed to meet your specific language needs. You may be preparing to visit another English-speaking country, start a new job or course or you may feel you need help with a particular skill like professional or work-related speaking or writing. It could be that you simply wish to raise your confidence level. Whatever your needs, our specialist teachers will work with you to design a one-to-one programme that’s just right, with a timetable agreed between the teacher and the student. Taking a one-to-one course will really allow you to concentrate on the English you need, achieving your goals more quickly and making real progress lesson by lesson. Our one-to-one teachers are all specialists in areas such as business communication, customer service, social skills or English for travel; each teacher will give you the personal help you need in preparing for exams. We can also provide one-to-one classes for professional fields such as English for medical purposes, English in the workplace, English in the hospitality industry, or English for finance.

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One to One

Our One-to-one programmes are tailored to your specific needs – you are in charge of your learning. You may choose to work your way through a coursebook with your teacher or look at authentic materials connected to your work or study. Alternatively, we can help you to improve your English by looking at specific topics and language areas which you bring to class or we suggest.

You can choose to come to your one-to-one classes at our modern, well-equipped and comfortable premises in Manchester or our teachers can come to you. Please contact us to discuss this.

Hours Price per hour 2023
5 hours £50
10 hours £45
15 or more hours £40
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Details for this course:

To be arranged with the teacher

Lesson length is 1 hour

Minimum age: 17 years old

One to One Student Lessons

All Levels

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One to One
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Green Standard School
Trinity Exam Centre
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