General Information

General Information

Immigration and Visas

All students require a valid passport to come to the UK. The type of visa you need is different depending on your home country. It is best to check with your travel agent, the British Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in your own country to find out what you need. 

You will have to support your visa application with evidence. When we receive your application form we will send you a letter confirming your place on the course and a letter in support of your application.


The currency in the UK is pounds sterling (£). £1 = 100 pence (p). It is a good idea to bring some cash with you for the first few days. You could also transfer some money into a UK bank account before you arrive. 

You can bring money into the UK in the form of cash, travellers’ cheques, bankers’ drafts and letters of credit. There are limits, so you should check the maximum amount you are allowed to bring or you may have to pay a fine. 

You can check the latest information here:

Setting up a UK Bank Account

It is a good idea to open a UK bank account before you arrive. All the main UK banks have branches in Manchester. You should contact your own bank in your home country to check if you can open an account in the UK. If you have an account with an international bank you should be able to use ATMs in the UK.

If you can’t open a bank account before you come to the UK, when you arrive we will be able to provide you with a letter that will help you open an account in the UK.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you:

  • Insure your luggage before starting your journey to the UK in case anything happens during the journey.
  • Insure personal property for while you are in the UK (expensive items may need separate insurance). 
  • You cab purchased your insurance from Express English College. Please contact our admin at [email protected]

Health Insurance

We also recommend that you have health insurance. You should arrange this in your home country before you come to the UK. Otherwise, short-term health cover through a British company can be arranged. For more information about health insurance you can email us. Health Insurance can be purchased via Express English College, alternatively, proof of insurance must be confirmed prior to the student’s arrival.

Please Note that all students under the age of 18 are required to have a comprehensive travel and medical insurance 

What should I bring?

You should check the weather for the time of year before you pack your suitcase. But don’t forget that the weather in England can be very changeable, so bring some warm and cool clothing and an umbrella! 

A laptop will be very useful for your studies. Mains electrical power in the UK is 240v. UK plug sockets usually take 13 amps with a 3-pin fused plug so you may need to buy an adaptor. You can buy adaptors at the airport or in many shops in and around the city.

Arriving in the UK

Airport Arrival

When you arrive at the airport you will need to have the following documents available to show the Immigration Officer:

  • your passport
  • your entry clearance or student visa (this may be inside your passport)
  • your visa support letter or unconditional admission letter (if applicable)
  • evidence of funds for your course fees and living expenses (bank statements, sponsor’s letter, scholarship award letter, etc.)
  • a medical certificate (if required).

After you collect your luggage, follow the signs to the arrival area. In the arrival area someone from EEC will be waiting for you, holding a sign. We will take you to your accommodation where you can settle in. 

You may have to quarantine depending on UK COVID-19 regulations. You can get the latest information here

Please contact us if you have any questions about the quarantine rules.

Arriving at the College

After arriving in the UK and settling into your accommodation you should come to the college to confirm your arrival. There is a map on our website. 

You should register at the reception and provide photo identification (your passport or driving licence). You will receive an ID which you should wear at all times.

On the first day of your course you will be given a tour of the college and told about the safety procedures to follow in an emergency. You will do a placement test so we can place you in the right English class for your level. You will also have an individual learning plan meeting with the academic manager to set your learning goals.

UK National Holidays 2021

New Year’s DayFriday 1st January
Good FridayFriday 2nd April
Easter MondayMonday 5th April
Early May bank holidayMonday 3rd May
Spring bank HolidayMonday 31st May
Summer bank holidayMonday 30th August
Christmas DayMonday 27th December
(substitute day)
Boxing DayTuesday 28th December
(substitute day)