Under 18s

Under 18s

Under 18 Student

Welcome To Express English College

Express English College is a Manchester-based private college that aims to offer quality English Language education to international students who want to study English in the UK. We give students an engaging, motivational and memorable learning experience; we endeavour to not only improve our students English language skills but also boost their confidence.

Both in school and online, we take the welfare of all our students very seriously. We want you as students of the school to remain safe, secure, and happy whilst you spend time studying with us.

Both in school and online, we take the welfare of all our students very seriously. We want you as students of the school to remain safe, secure, and happy whilst you spend time studying with us.


First of all we would like to introduce our staff.

Tansy – Assistant Academic Manager Designated Safeguarding Lead, DSL

Tim – Academic Manager Safeguarding Deputy DDSL

Eugenia – Welfare Officer

How we can help you

• The staff at Express English College are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• We will talk to you about your wellbeing during your induction on your first day.

• If you have a problem or a concern of any sort during your stay, please do speak to any member of the team. All conversations will be treated confidentially and no problem is too big or too small. If you are not sure who to see, you can go to Tansy.

• Please note that we want you to feel comfortable and happy during your time in Manchester. If you experience any problems – whether in class or in your accommodation – do not hesitate to speak to us. We are committed to making sure that everyone is treated with respect.

• Outside school, if you have a serious problem or emergency, please call the emergency number on your student card: 07483911770

• If you need to contact the police, or get an ambulance, or call the fire service, call the UK emergency number: 999

• If you have a problem and you do not want to tell anyone you know, you can call ChildLine on 08001111. ChildLine is a counselling service for children and young people.

Arrival at school

On the first day of your course, you will be given a tour of the premises and told about the safety procedures, to use in the event of an emergency. You will do a placement test , and you will receive a full induction. You will have an Individual learning plan meeting with the academic manager to talk about your learning goals and targets. You will receive a college ID to wear at all times in the college itself. Please do not take your ID off during college hours or class trips and activities. Students will be placed in classes according to their placement test results.

Safety & Wellbeing Valuables

• Do not carry large amounts of cash with you.

• Keep a copy of your passport with you during your stay.

• Take care of your passport, travel documents/tickets, and valuables: keep them in a safe place. Ask your home stay family where you should keep them.

• Report any theft or loss immediately to the school (or ask your Group Leader to call us) and we will help you to report this to the police.

• Try not to show expensive items in public places such as jewellery, tablets etc

• Be careful in crowded places – and look out for thieves.

• Keep your mobile phone charged at all times so that you can contact someone should you get lost or separated from your group.

• Keep your phone on at all times except in lessons – we may need to contact you.

• Keep the contact information of your group leader or host family on your phone in case you need to contact them


• The Welfare officer or your host family can help you to find a doctor, dentist or pharmacy.

• If you need to take any medication during your stay, you should bring this with you in correctly-labelled packaging (with the doctors note or letter of prescription) which clearly states doses and times of administration. The only types of medication you can carry yourself during a trip/visit are: EpiPen, Insulin pens and ‘reliever’ inhalers.

• If you have any medical issues or feel unwell, make sure you talk to an adult – your Group Leader, Eugenia (Welfare Officer), your teacher, the academic manager/Assistant academic manager your home stay family.

• No problem is too big or too small to share with one of our experienced and friendly staff. Talk to your teacher but if anything is still worrying you, please let Eugenia know!

• If you need to contact the police in an emergency, ask for an ambulance, or call the fire service, call the UK emergency number: 999.

• If you have a problem and you do not want to tell anyone you know, you can call Child Line on 08001111. Child Line is a counselling service for children and young people.

Road safety

• Cars in the UK drive on the left. Look right, then left and right again, before crossing the road. Always use a zebra crossing (a safe crossing area) if possible, or cross by the traffic lights. We will help you to know what to do.

What We Expect:

• Please call the school or send an email if you are going to be late. If you don’t call us, we will call you. Please ensure you pick up the phone. If you do not, we will have to call your parents, host family or Hall of Residence.

• Speak English at all times and even try to use your English during break times.

• EEC expects all students to be on time for classes. Students arriving more than 5 minutes late for a lesson will be marked as ‘late’ on the class register. Students who arrive 15 minutes late to any class without notifying EEC in advance will not be allowed to join the class. Any student who is 10 minutes late after break will not be allowed to enter the class but will be marked as absent on the register. Students who are late on a regular basis will receive a verbal warning followed by a written warning. We may need to talk to your parents or guardian.

• Please let us know if you are feeling too ill to come to school. If you are sick and your host family is not going to be at home, we may ask a member of the school team to visit you.

• We ask you not to use your mobile phone in class unless your teacher asks you to use it for your studies.

• If you go out in the evening or at weekends you should tell your host family where you are going and who you are spending time with. Your host family will have your mobile phone number so keep your phone turned on and the battery charged at all times.

• Make sure you let your homestay family know if you are going to be late arriving home. If you do not let your family or the school know that you are late for a good reason, we will inform your parents or guardian.

• In general, students younger than 16 should always go out in pairs or groups.

Do’s and Don’t’s


Smoking is illegal if you are under 18. Smoking is forbidden in any enclosed workplace, public building or public transport vehicle in the United Kingdom. Express English College has a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy.

Drugs & Alcohol

It is illegal to buy alcohol if you are under 18 years and/or drink it in public. It is illegal to buy alcohol for someone else who is under 18 years. It is illegal to buy, take or supply controlled drugs.

Express English College has a strict zero-tolerance approach to drugs and alcohol misuse. If you have any worries about drugs or alcohol please speak to the Eugenia, the Welfare Officer.’


Please speak to Eugenia, the Welfare Officer, if you need information on practising your religion in Manchester.


Don’t send abusive messages or inappropriate messages or images. If you are under 18, ‘sexting’ (sending or asking for a sexually explicit image, message or video) of people under 18 – including one of yourself- is against the law in the UK.


EEC provides different activities, trips and visits. You will enjoy these with your friends and teachers.

The aim of such activities is to improve your English outside of the classroom and to make the most of your free time in Manchester. If an activity or trip involves more than one under-18-year-old participant, student to staff ratio of 1:5 must be maintained.

Our trips and visits give you the chance to explore life outside Manchester. Most of the visits will be free, Only for some activities there will be some a small sum of money (approx. £35). We provide a regular calendar of events and encourage students to take part. Most of our trips are organised by smilesadventure.com

Your homestay

• You should expect to feel ‘at home’ in your host family accommodation.

• You should speak and interact as much as possible with your family.

• Hosts will provide you with a change of bed linen and towels each week and a offer a weekly laundry facility.

• There will be an adult present at home throughout your stay.

• If there is anything you cannot eat, please tell your host parent(s).

• Please be at home in time for meals. If you do not want to eat with your host family so that you can take part in the social programme it is important that you tell your homestay in advance.

• Respect your host family’s house rules – it is their home they are sharing with you.

Code of conduct

Everyone is entitled to feel secure in their school, as well as at home (in their residential accommodation or homestay). This code of conduct has been written to ensure that everyone involved in the school understands and knows their responsibilities to EEC.

This also is to help make EEC a happy, safe and secure environment to learn and work within. We have rules in place that all students must follow to ensure that this is followed through.

We expect all students to follow these rules:

• Always be aware of your surroundings.

• Behave in a suitable manner, whether outside during an activity or inside learning in a classroom. Loud, abusive, or bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

• Look after your belongings. Do not leave your luggage unattended. This goes for your mobile phone also, or any other electronics brought into the school.

• Please be on time for all lessons. Continuous lateness or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. • Call the reception in the morning if you are late.

• Your student ID must be visible at all times. If lost, you can get a new one from reception for the cost of £10.

• Present yourself nicely and in a smart, grown up way.

• Students are not allowed to contact staff members outside college. This includes email or social media accounts. *This does not include using the emergency number, if there is a real emergency.

• Bringing alcohol or any unlawful drugs to the college is not allowed. If this happens, it will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure and lead to your immediate dismissal.

• Don’t bring any knives to the college.


• At the end of the induction day, a questionnaire will be given to you asking to give feedback about your arrival and induction procedure.

• During the first week, an Individual learning plan (ILP) meeting will take place with the Academic Manager. During this meeting, the academic manager (AM/AAM) will request you to fill in an Early Days’ Questionnaire.

• On a monthly basis, you will have a tutorial meeting with the AM/AAM. You will be asked to provide verbal feedback about the course in these meetings.

• In the final week, you will have an end of course review meeting with the welfare officer and Academic Manager/Assistant Academic Manager. You will also complete a questionnaire about your overall experience in the college.


Express English College aims to listen to all complaints, formal and informal. We always try to solve your problem in the best way.

Complaints relating to your course

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your course, class, level, teaching materials or books then talk to your teachers about it. If you feel that you cannot talk to your teacher because the complaint is about them, speak to the Academic Manager/Assistant Academic Manager. If the Academic Manager does not deal fully with the problem, you can go to the Operations Manager, Ayub. He will try to resolve any complaint within 7 working days.

Complaints relating to non-academic issues

If you are unhappy about any other aspect of your stay such as accommodation, administrative staff, or leisure programmes, talk to Eugenia, the Welfare Officer. She will listen carefully to your complaint and try to resolve your concern as quickly as possible. If he does not deal fully with the problem, you can go to the Operations Manager, Ayub. He will try to resolve any complaint within 7 working days.

Harassment and Bullying

Express English College wants to provide an environment that is free from harassment and bullying. We aim to provide a safe, secure college, where everyone is treated with respect. If you face any form of harassment or bullying by staff, students or visitors, talk to Eugenia, the welfare officer. All complaints of bullying and harassment will be confidential and will be dealt with quickly.

Abusive Behaviour policy

Any behaviour that disturbs the safe environment of the college is unacceptable and will be dealt with seriously. Such behaviour include direct or indirect discrimination of a person because of their gender, disability, background, race or religion.

The following is a list of unacceptable behaviour at Express English College:

– Any form of bullying, including verbal and physical.

– Nationalistic, religious, and cultural racism, as well as sexism and homophobia.

– Swearing and using offensive language

– Sexual harassment

– Being violent towards visitors, students, and staff members

– Stealing property from EEC or other people

– Intentionally damaging property

– Involvement in illegal activities.

– Reading or sharing of extremist materials.

– Doing or saying things that oppose British Values (based on the UK government’s Prevent Policy).

All academic and non-academic staff are aware of the signs of abusive or bullying behaviour. If any is witnessed, they will contact Tansy, the DSL, or Tim, the DDSL, who will decide on a course of action. Abusive behaviour by students can result in immediate dismissal of their course without a refund. Remember, the college decides whether student behaviour is acceptable or not.


A verbal warning is given by Welfare Manager, followed by a warning letter. If the behaviour happens again, the student will be dismissed from his/her course with no refund.

In the most extreme cases, the college has the right for an immediate dismissal of the student. The college can involve the police, if a serious incident occurs.


EEC team is trained to deal with all issues involving grievance, emergencies and counselling. Our 24 Hours Contact number is 07483911770.

Safeguarding under 18s

Our college accepts students aged 16 and over. We have a Duty of Care to those below the age of 18. Our Safeguarding Policy aims to ensure that under 18s are protected against any kind of harm. Students and visitors under the age of 18 are also protected from any abuse. Abuse can include physical, emotional, sexual or psychological abuse, as well as neglect.

Designated Safeguarding Leads

The Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSL) for the college is Tansy. The deputy designated safeguarding person (DDSL) is Tim (Academic Manager)

The emergency contact details are as follows:

– EEC website: www.expressenglishcollege.co.uk

– Email: [email protected]

– The EEC emergency number (24/7): 0044 (0)7483911770

First Aid and Medical Express English College has fully trained first aiders. You will see their names and photos on the noticeboards. First Aid kits are in the reception area. During trips and sports activities, group leaders bring a first aid kit with them.

Online safety for students

You can use EEC computers. They are in the library/Computer Area. Please DO NOT share personal

information or upload photographs on the Internet as it can result in online harassment and scams. Please remember,some adult websites are automatically restricted. Please see our E Safety Policy on our website.

Behaviour & discipline

You must follow the EEC Code of Conduct and behave courteously to staff and students. Any bad behaviour observed will not be tolerated by staff. It will be discussed with the relevant individual. If problems continue, or are safeguarding issues, EEC will investigate further.

Radicalisation and Prevent Duty

EEC takes its Prevent Duty very seriously. We want a happy, safe college, with no extremist opinions or actions. We help students by promoting British values of:

– Democracy

– Rule of law Individual liberty

– Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

For this reason, any intolerant or extremist speaking or actions will not be allowed. Any issues will be reported to the Academic Manager (who is the Prevent Lead in absence of the Welfare Manager).

If you have questions or queries about any aspect of studying with Express English College or your time in the United Kingdom, please do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to help!

Review: Reviewed August 2022 (TC) This document to be reviewed by the management team not less than every year. Next review due August 2023. It may also be subject to any changes based on UK law.