Why Express English College?

Why Express English College?

Our team is dedicated to maintaining our high standards in order to make sure you get the education and experiences you hope for and deserve. We pay attention to your future ambitions and realise that, for many of you, this is a unique chance to learn, experience new things, and develop personally. We have helped hundreds of students to reach their language goals and have had the pleasure of watching many students progress to university and professional employment. Our school welcomes both individual students and groups from around 10 countries globally, offering courses in General English and Exam Preparation throughout the year.

Teaching Approach: 

Express English College encourages a closely-guided learning and communicative, interactive approach to language learning. At Express English College, we focus on a teaching method that emphasises guided learning and active participation in language acquisition. This approach is centred on the following principles:

  • Language is primarily a tool for communication and interaction.
  • Learning in the classroom is connected with language use outside of the classroom.
  • We use real-life materials and texts to support learning.
  • We integrate students’ personal experiences into classroom learning.

By adopting this method, we ensure that:

  • Teachers prioritise communication, designing activities that reflect this.
  • Students can apply classroom learning to their daily professional and personal lives.
  • Students have access to a variety of real-life based learning materials, improving their English language skills in a practical context.
  • Grammar instruction is relevant and communicative, helping students understand its role in everyday English use.

School Facilities

  • Spacious Classrooms: Enjoy learning in roomy, well-lit spaces.
  • Large Common Room: A perfect spot for relaxation and socialising with fellow students.
  • Smart Boards: Modern technology to support interactive learning.
  • Games Area: Includes pool tables, board games, and a PlayStation for leisure time.
  • Cinema TV: Watch movies and educational content on a large screen.
  • IT Area: Access computers and software for your study needs.
  • Spacious Yard: A large outdoor area where more than 50 students can gather.
  • Prayer Area: A quiet space dedicated to reflection and prayer.
  • Canteen Area: With a free coffee machine to keep you refreshed.
  • Free and Fast Wifi: Stay connected with high-speed internet access throughout the school.

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