Why Express English College?

Why Express English College?

Express English College offers luxurious premises, super-dedicated and passionate teachers who bring their expertise and delightful personalities to their students’ lives, all-inclusive teaching + activities packages, superb facilities, and a beautifully maintained environment. The school is located in contemporary, comfortable surroundings. Our classrooms are equipped with up-to-date digital technologies for effective – and environmentally friendly – teaching and learning, alongside a luxury lounge, computer, and café area. It is an extremely safe, comfortable, and bright premises, well-maintained and secure from main roads, yet only ten minutes away from the ‘new London’: Manchester City Centre.

Lessons are fully interactive, where you will use the language that you are learning: all day, every day! Express English College’s goal is to make every class totally communicative, engaging, fun, and challenging. At the same time, you will develop highly sought-after skills which help you promote your further or higher education applications, enhance your job skills, and grow your confidence at a personal level.

Teaching Approach

Express English College encourages a closely-guided learning and communicative, interactive approach to language learning, mixing methodologies to create memorable, enriching lessons and courses. 

Teachers are not only fully-qualified but also are extremely enthusiastic about teaching English. They will give you every opportunity to participate, especially in speaking. The college believes developing spoken fluency is central to success, and we achieve this by building students’ confidence levels until they truly believe in themselves as English speakers and users. Having said that, our lessons are varied, and will focus on all skills, including listening (independent and active); writing (different types of text); reading (for gist and detail); the acquisition and extension of vocabulary, and of course grammar and pronunciation.

You will be given opportunities to practise language skills in a meaningful and realistic way, which are relevant and appropriate to your needs and personal requirements.

It is important that you maximize your learning experience within the English-speaking environment by using all opportunities to communicate.

Teachers foster your study skills, encouraging you to organize your notes, learn to use dictionaries effectively, keep an organized record of vocabulary, and practice your pronunciation, especially of English sounds that are different to those of your own first language. 

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