Frequently Asked Questions

Express English College offers General English at all levels. We also deliver English for Academic Purposes, IELTS preparation courses, Trinity College London preparation tuition, ESP (English for Specific Purposes, such as medical, media or hospitality), Business English, and one-to-one tailored tuition where you can ‘design your own course’. 

We offer General English in packages of 20 and 30 lessons per week (Intensive), and 40 lessons per week (Super Intensive). We offer a Super Intensive General English + IELTS programme (also 40 lessons). Our Business English programme can be taken in 20, or 30 lessons per week packages. Other programmes can be tailored to your needs.

That depends on you! However, to move from one CEFR level to the next, experts suggest 120-150 hours of guided learning is typical. You can choose to do this in a more intensive way, or over a longer period of time, according to your needs.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It organises language proficiency in six levels. A1 to C2, which can be regrouped into three broad levels: Basic User, Independent User and Proficient User. Your teacher will explain these levels in more detail during your induction.

Once you register at Express English College, you will receive a placement test, called the Oxford Placement Test (OPT). This tests your use of grammar and vocabulary, and your listening skills. You will also have a speaking assessment and a writing sample evaluation. 

You will receive in-class feedback during every lesson. Additionally, you will review your progress with the Academic Manager once a month during your tutorial, reflecting on your progress and improvements made through the month, and negotiating goals to help  you in your areas of weakness. At the end of your progress test, you will sit with the Academic Manager to evaluate the extent of your progress throughout the whole course and can be re-tested to measure your level of progression. 

You will receive your learning materials as part of your course fee. 

Yes – Express English College believes independent study to be of great importance to enable you to develop and progress. In order to cater to the varied expectations of all students, we will assign a homework task (Mon-Fri) which must be completed by all, and a second ‘optional’ homework task for those who wish to dedicate more time to their home studies. Homework will be corrected together with your teacher the following morning in class.

Our maximum class size is 12. Your class members could be from anywhere in the world! 

Yes – in class, teachers are trained and selected to incorporate interactive activities and tasks so you get frequent opportunities to speak to your teacher, and your class members. In the afternoon, you will be speaking constantly – during activities, trips, in your accommodation, and out in the ‘real world’! 

If you need to cancel, communicate with us and we will explain the options. Please see our full terms and conditions for full details of how we can help, and what you need to do. 

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