Why Manchester?

Why Manchester?

Manchester is the perfect UK destination to learn English, be it General English, Academic English, or to prepare for an IELTS, Trinity, or Cambridge EFL exam. Express English College is lucky to be placed within a rich, vibrant, and lively business and cultural hub.

Manchester is undoubtedly the second capital city of the UK, so offers a fascinating experience when you decide to study abroad. It is home to two of the most famous football clubs in the world: Manchester United and Manchester City. Whether you are a Red or a Blue, football is deep in the heart of this city, and we can experience the beautiful game through tours and match tickets.

Visiting and learning English in Manchester gives you the ultimate chance to learn and use your general English skills. There are fabulous shopping, exciting museums, and great sporting facilities. All within easy reach of other incredible UK destinations, such as Liverpool, Edinburgh, and York, Manchester really does have it all for students here to learn English.

Manchester is surrounded by some of the most spectacular areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as the Lake and Peak Districts. So, if you’d rather relax in the countryside or clear your head in the mountains, both superb ways to help you learn English, Manchester is the ideal option.

Visiting Manchester

Manchester can be described as young-at-heart, intensely varied, and full of energy and personality. Manchester is an extremely exciting and heart-warming place to visit in the UK.

Much of the industrial revolution sprang from Manchester. As a result, Manchester displays its history in science, politics, music, arts and sport with pride and assurance. Nowadays, Manchester combines this sense of a rich industrial past with a contemporary and progressive present.

Visitors will find one-of-a-kind restaurants (as well as all the ones you’d expect!), a variety of bars, a diverse range of shops old and new, interesting museums, intriguing galleries, and a huge selection of hotels. You can learn English in context – visiting such places will help bring your grammar and vocabulary to life.

Outside the centre, you can cycle or ride a tram to leisurely market towns, traditional pubs and beautiful park or forest areas. The city region itself is well-served by trains, trams, buses, free city shuttle buses, and taxis.

General English students must visit the theatre in the city centre, named The Royal Exchange. It is famous for being ‘in the round’ – the audience surround the actors. The Royal Exchange puts on Shakespeare or contemporary plays, as do other theatres in the area, such as The Contact, or those in the outlaying towns, such as The Met, in Bury, or The Waterside, in Sale.

Manchester is famous for music. There is a large arena for the biggest names in rock and pop, as well as for seasonal productions. Smaller clubs and student union musical events are held throughout the city, catering for from 20 to 2000 audience members. Students at Express English College are often inspired to find out about the musical and cultural history of Manchester, visiting a whole variety of famous places and memorable museums.

Furthermore, festivals abound! – from the globally-recognised Manchester International Festival to the cute and intriguing Manchester Christmas (or seasonal) markets, there is something for every visitor to Manchester.

The University of Manchester, and surrounding Universities.

The University of Manchester is part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities, which is an association of twenty-four renowned public research universities in the United Kingdom. These, typically, include the most famous British universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and are all known, recognised and respected throughout the world for their commitment to ground-breaking and often life-changing research. The university is especially well known in scientific research circles. As the institution’s website suggests, the university is one that ‘answers life’s biggest questions’.

For example, The ‘father’ of nuclear physics, Ernest Rutherford, famously split the atom at the university. Another global name, Alan Turing, developed that which has now become a commonplace part of our lives, ‘AI’ – artificial intelligence – whilst undertaking a massive research schedule at the University. The university owns and operates the world-famous observatory at Jodrell Bank, significant for its ‘Lovell Telescope’.

Express English College is proud to work alongside the university, being geographically close to many of its most innovative study centres and research buildings. We are also delighted to add we have helped university students from all over the world with the demands of using academic English when studying at several of the higher education institutions in the area, including, of course, the university. Our IELTS preparation courses and EAP courses to support international students’ programmes are designed to support student entrance to UK universities, including our most local ones.

Manchester also boasts another University, Manchester Metropolitan University, which offers an exciting range of academic and professional under- and post-graduate programmes, and nearby, The University of Salford, set in Salford, a famous city next to Manchester, delivers yet more academic and vocational variety, also at under- and post-graduate level.

All this studious activity makes Manchester one of the most important cities in the UK, if not the world!

More information about the city can be found on https://www.visitmanchester.com/. You can also find useful information on our activity brochure about Manchester

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