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IELTS Exam Preparation

The IELTS test is essential for many students who need a required band score or level to take the next step in their careers or Higher/Further Education studies. IELTS is also a requirement for immigration to some English-speaking countries, including the UK, where it is one of the secure English language test suites monitored and accepted by the Home Office’s Secure English Language Test (SELT) immigration scheme.

 The IELTS Course at Express English College is specially designed for learners who want to prepare for the IELTS examination. The course will help students to practise and extend all four key academic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as helping them to develop their control of grammar and vocabulary especially for their forthcoming exam. This course helps students practise the techniques required to achieve their desired IELTS score. You will be assessed regularly and track your progress with mock tests, mini tests, interviews with an examiner and writing workshops. For further information about the IELTS Exam please follow this link https://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/.

Frequently asked questions 

How Do We Determine Your English Level?

Before you join the Academic IELTS course, we need to know your current English level. You might have to take a test before you come or share details about your past English studies.

On your first school day, you will take another test. After that, we will talk about your level and give you all the details about your classes and when they start.

How Long Should You Study?

We will discuss the IELTS score you are aiming for before you start. Based on that, we’ll recommend how many weeks you should study.

You can choose anything from 1 to 44 weeks. Generally, studying for 12 weeks is good for moving up a full level. How much you improve also relies on how much English you use outside class, including using less of your native language.

How Many Students Will Be in My Class?

Every week, new students can start, and classes usually have 6 -11 students. The most we’ll have in one class is 12.

How Do We Track Your Progress?

Tracking your progress is important for us. We will have regular tests to see how you are doing and dicuss your results. Every four weeks, you’ll have a one-on-one meeting with the Academic Manager/Assistant Academic Manager.

Can You Move to a Different Level If Needed?

If you think a different level might be better, you can talk to our academic manager. They will look at your test scores and possibly do another test to see if a level change is right for you.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will work on improving all the skills the IELTS exam tests: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • We will cover a wide range of topics to broaden your knowledge.
  • You will get real IELTS practice tests to work on.

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Express English College offers the
following course combinations:

IELTS Preparation (20 Lessons)

4 IELTS preparation lessons per day

You will  improve in all IELTS areas—reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and learn a variety of topics. With real IELTS tests for practice, you will be equipped with exam techniques, time management skills, and insight into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £300
13 - 23 £310
8 - 12 £315
1 -7 £320
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General English With IELTS Preparation (30 lessons)

4 General English Lessons per day (Morning)

2 IELTS preparation lessons per day (Afternoon)

In the 30 lessons Academic IELTS preparation course, your mornings will be dedicated to a General English program with 20 lessons, covering reading, writing, listening, and grammar, alongside plenty of speaking and pronunciation practice. In the afternoons, you’ll attend a 10-lesson module specifically tailored to the Academic IELTS exam, focusing on exam content and techniques.


Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £400
13 - 23 £410
8 - 12 £415
1 -7 £420
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Intensive General English with IELTS Preparation (40 Lessons)

30 hours per week

6 General English course lessons a day.

2 IELTS Preparation Course lessons a day.

In the 40 lessons Academic IELTS preparation course, 30 lessons of your course will be general English covering reading, writing, listening, grammar as well as conversation class. After the lunch break, you’ll attend a 10-lesson module specifically tailored to the Academic IELTS exam, focusing on exam content and techniques.

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £535
13 - 23 £540
8 - 12 £545
1 -7 £550
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