Social Life

Social Life

Join in the Express English College social programme, improve your English outside of the classroom and make the most of your free time in Manchester! Our trips give you the chance to explore life in and around Manchester. Some trips are free, for others there’s a small transportation charge. We provide a regular calendar of events and encourage students to take part. We have daily activities on the Express English College campus where you can have fun and meet other students. In addition to this we also have weekly trips around Manchester and organise visits to other places in the UK throughout the year. If an activity or trip involves more than one under-18-year-old participant, student to staff ratio of 1:5 must be maintained.

All our trips are led by native English speakers who are responsible for helping create a safe and fun environment. Taking part in these activities gives our students a great opportunity to learn about English culture and history, meet other students and improve their English – all at the same time. As always, we are looking forward to a fun-packed year!

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