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Course Description

General English

This course helps students build on their knowledge and command of English and develops their specific abilities in the key language skills of vocabulary extension, grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition to using course books, teachers engage their students via a variety of authentic, interesting and topical materials and activities. Our teachers encourage maximum participation in conversational and practical writing activities to motivate and enthuse students. General English is offered at all levels (A1–C2: Beginner to Advanced). 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you determine my English level?
On your first day, you’ll take a test to assess your English level. We’ll discuss the results with you, including details about your class and when it starts.

How long should I enrol in the course?
You can study for any period from 1 to 44 weeks. For significant improvement, we suggest a minimum of 12 weeks, as this typically leads to advancing one full level. Remember, practising outside class and using English instead of your native language will also boost your progress.

What’s the class size?
Minimum class size is 2 and maximum is 12. Usually between 6 and 11 students

How will you track my progress?
Our Academic Manager conducts regular tests and tracks your results to monitor your improvement. You’ll have meetings with the Academic Manager/Assistant every four weeks. 

Can I move to a different level during my course?
Yes, if you feel ready to move up a level, discuss it with our Academic Manager. We will review your test scores and possibly conduct a ‘level up’ test to ensure you’re prepared for the next step.

What will I achieve by the end of my course?
You will find communicating in English easier, whether in everyday situations, for work, study, or travel. Expect to speak, listen, read, and write more fluently and accurately, with improved vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Please select the correct course
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Express English College offers the
following course combinations:

General English (20 lessons)

15 hours per week
4 General English course lessons a day.

The 20 lessons General English course will help you improve your General English skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £300
13 - 23 £310
8 - 12 £315
1 -7 £320
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Intensive General English (30 Lessons)

22.5 hours per week.

4 General English course lessons a day.

2 Conversation English


This course is an intensive English program designed to help you learn English as fast as possible. It covers reading, writing, grammar, and listening skills, with a strong focus on giving you plenty of opportunities to practise speaking English.

In our intensive General English course, students attend 20 lessons in the morning and then return to classes in the afternoon for ‘Conversational English.’

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £400
13 - 23 £410
8 - 12 £415
1 -7 £420
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General English Super Intensive (40 lessons)

40 lessons per week (30 hours per week)


In our Super intensive General English course, students have 40 lessons, starting with the  intensive general English course (30 lessons) followed by 2 more classes in the afternoon, focusing on ‘Grammar and Vocabulary.’ This course helps students progress with their general English skills at a higher pace than the general  

Weeks Prices 2024
24+ £535
13 - 23 £540
8 - 12 £545
1 -7 £550
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