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Why is student teacher rapport important?

I think if we are in a relaxed, supportive environment, we learn better. Therefore we are not afraid of experimenting or making mistakes. The rapport between the student and the teacher is very important, as is the rapport between the learners. If both of these things exist in the classroom, then students will be engaged and hungry to learn. Then learning will take place. 

How do we go about creating it?

Obviously on day one at our English School in Manchester, you might feel nervous.  You may have just arrived in a new city and are tired and jet-lagged. Got lost on your way to the school. You might have to adapt to a different educational system and way of learning. These things can be daunting at first. The teacher needs to make the student feel at ease and welcome them. 

A relaxed Atmosphere

With this in mind, it is vital to create a relaxed atmosphere in the class. The teachers and the students need to get to know each other. We at EEC take the approach that we are all human beings with different strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we all have different likes and dislikes, different personalities and learning styles. When you come to learn English in Manchester, either on an IELTS course or in General English lessons, you will find our human approach. 


In a typical IELTS class, a group mingle never fails. The whole class is up and moving around the room talking to each other. The objective is communication and getting to know each other. It is fun to learn more about the people who you will spend hours of class time with. I love to hear the buzz of everyone chatting and laughing, sharing information and communicating in English. 

Self-reflection in the classroom

A teacher should work hard to ensure a good classroom rapport right at the beginning of a course. Students should feel that the classroom is a safe environment to ask questions, make mistakes, reflect on their own learning, help their peers, and learn from each other. They should grow together as both a unit and individuals. In our IELTS and  General English Course in Manchester, we are committed to this approach. We work together to help you feel welcome in the City of Manchester and at Express English College on your English Course.

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