Study English in the UK

What is the best thing about coming to live in the UK from another country?

At EEC we are proud to share our knowledge of British culture, history and lifestyle with our students. If we had to explain why the UK is an ideal destination for linguistic tourism the reasons would be as follows;

  1. The location: Manchester and indeed England is the perfect base to take flights all over Europe.
  2. Security: The UK is generally a safe place to live in, with low crime rates and trusted police forces.
  3. The cost of living: London apart, most of the cities in the UK have affordable rent prices. With regards to city transport, people can travel on the tram and the bus between business, shopping and residential areas. Between cities and towns, we recommend the train. There are some really beautiful train journeys.
  4. The language: English is the language of business, the language of the internet, the language of academic journals and a if not The Lingua Franca. The best way to learn it, is to do it in an English-speaking country to get the full experience and benefit.
  5. Community and acceptance: The UK is a tolerant and multicultural country where everyone is welcome.
  6. Free culture. There are endless possibilities for visiting museums and other cultural venues without paying a penny.
  7. Music Scene: Manchester, London and Liverpool are three of the most important and iconic music scenes in the world. People can enjoy concerts, jam sessions or exhibitions every day.
  8. Food and drink: The UK is a multicultural country, which means you will find different cuisines such as Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Persian, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Caribbean among others. But traditional  English food is also one of the top pros of living in this country: cozy pubs, quaint tea shops, charming cake shops, Michelin-starred restaurants and lovely seaside fish & chips places
  9. Abundance of social activities: See a match at a stadium, enjoy the rides at the numerous amusement parks and experience tours. A highlight of Manchester is the vibrant night life and the various festivals throughout the year.
  10. Sports: To keep healthy and to have fun you can try different sports which are typical to the UK, such as cricket, hockey or  rugby. You could even join a local team. Or, you could just watch them.
  11. Sightseeing: There are many remarkable cities all over this green and pleasant land; London, Cambridge, Cardiff, Bristol or Bath in the south. They are only 2 or 3 hours away from Manchester. In the north you can visit Liverpool, Manchester York  and Chester. Of course, we cannot forget about Scotland with amazing cities like Edinburgh and outstandingly beautiful regions such as the Highlands and Islands. Wales and Northern Ireland are also nearby, either by train or by plane.
Learn English in Manchester

 At EEC we are sure you will enjoy your stay in the UK. We are sure that you will learn English quickly whilst having fun and making friends. There is no better way, than doing it in person, in a group with others. If you have any questions contact us and we will give you all the information you need to have a great time here and to find the right English course, be it General English or an IELTS English course.

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