Improve you English in Manchester

How can I improve my English?

30 ways to improve your English level

Cafes in Manchester
  1. Ditch the smartphone. Ask someone directions instead of using google maps. Talk to a native speaker!
  2. Be responsible for your own learning.
  3. Stop talking and listen. Listen to others.
  4. Sit and watch in a café. People watch.  Watch body language. This is part of a culture and a language
  5. Take up a hobby. Learn something new in another language. Make language learning the second priority. Make fun the first. Fun is a great motivator for learning.
  6. Travel more. English is a global language
  7. Volunteer for a charity cause in the UK.
  8. Watch films with English subtitles.
  9. Record yourself speaking.
  10. Watch a TED talk.
  11. Avoid a translation tool.
  12. Stop translating from your own language.
  13. Translate from your own language when you are looking for an adjective.
  14. Get a paper dictionary aswell as using your smartphone.
  15. Buy a paper newspaper, drink a coffee and sit in a café. Take the time to absorb the words.
  16. Learn a new word every hour

Stop, Look and Listen!

Study English in the UK

17 Stop!  Stop being a perfectionist. If you worry about every mistake. You will stop the flow.
18 Look!  Find a native speaker, ask them about their day, talk about the weather. We love small talk in the UK
19 Listen! Be brave- ask that question and listen to the answer.
20 Ask! Be prepared for no one to understand you, and ask again, and again and again.
21 Smile. People will talk to you more.
22 Listen to songs in English.
23 Listen to an audiobook.
24 Be prepared to laugh at your mistakes. Be prepared for others to laugh at your mistakes too.
25 Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Face your fear and speak out!
26 Read a children’s book in English.
27 Have a party. Let your hair down! talk to everyone in the room. Make small talk.
28 Engage with an expert. English teaching in the UK is highly regarded.
29 Enjoy Language. Feel the meanings and the words. Don’t make it only about exams and scores.
30 Look for the words that have no translation in your own language. They are very important. They represent a lot about your own culture, and the culture you live in.

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