EEC’s Roundup of the Latest Football News

Since the beginning of the current season, there have been many complaints about how odd and boring the season has been due to Covid-19 restrictions and consequences. But now, all football lovers are holding their breath because there are only two months until the end of the 2020/2021 season and numerous events and announcements have shocked fans in the last few weeks.

1. Aguero leaves Manchester City.

After 10 years at the Etihad Stadium, the Argentine striker will leave at the end of the season and finding a worthysuccessor will not be easy. Blues fans were shocked when they heard the news that his contract won’t be renewed. However, it is also true that Aguero has scored just one Premier League goal in the past 14 months, after a turbulent year wrecked by a  serious knee injury, an aborted comeback and coronavirus.
Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak, after being informed about the meeting between Pep Guardiola and the striker, called Aguero to thank him for his incredible service to the club and revealed plans to build a statue of the attacker, to go alongside planned tributes to Kompany and Silva.
City are already looking for a new striker on the market. The most repeated name on the betting sites is the Norwegian Erling Haaland, playing now for Borussia Dortmund. However, competition for the German goal scorer will be fierce, as major clubs such as Chelsea and Man United are also interested in the young player.

2. European Super League

The first question that you might have is what the European Super League is and what the reasons are for its proposal. Talk of the creation of a new European league have been around since the 1980s, with many top national leagues in Europe afraid of the formation of such a competition.
The competition would be like the Champions League except UEFA would play no part in the European Super

League. Teams would play in a group stage followed by knockout rounds to claim the title European Super League Champion.
The format of the competition would favour some of the strongest, biggest clubs in European football. There would be 16 teams competing; 11 would be labelled as “core founding” clubs. These 11 clubs would be guaranteed their places in the competition for 20 years and be immune to relegation. The other five could be relegated from the competition.  The clubs listed as founding members due to their history and financial strength are F.C.  Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich. The five guest clubs will be Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Marseille, and Roma.
Why establish a European Super league? Television money is a key motivation for the formation of the European Super League. Building a competition with the best clubs in Europe would eliminate the predictability of the Champions League group stage.
However, many big European clubs don’t see the advantages of the creation of this new league due to the implicit decrease in revenue among those excluded. Another problem is that fans will become jaded due to the sheer number of matches.
In the UK, Boris Johnson has said that the government will give “unwavering support to the football authorities,” and confirmed they have the government’s full backing to take whatever action necessary to put a stop to these plans.

3. Jose Mourinho is relieved of duties at Tottenham Hotspur

Chairman Daniel Levy took the decision to sack the Portuguese manager and all his backroom staff, including, Joao Sacramento, Nuno Santos, Carlos Lalin and Giovanni Cerra just six days before the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday.
Currently the team is in 6th position in the table, only 5 points off the top 4 teams.
The person who has taken over the team is Ryan Mason, former midfielder and head of player development, and he is expected to take temporary charge of the Spurs til the end of the season. Chris Powell, head of coaching will be his right-hand man.

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