Spring and Summer British recipes for a perfect picnic or barbecue

The weather is getting better and sunnier so a picnic or a bbq on a park or at home seems perfect weekend plan!

The sun is shining and you just want to gather with friends and family and not spend a lot of time cooking. Here you are some ideas of successful hand food and small bites. They won’t last long and everyone will ask you for more
Find below some easy recipes to triumph in your next outdoor meal.

  1. Quick and tasty sausage rolls (vegan version available): they are super easy to make you just need 3 ingredients puff pastry that you will easy find in any supermarket, sausages (non pork, vegan and vegetarian options also available) and the sauce you want to fill them with.

2. Lemonade:  Healthy and refreshing drink. Kids and adult loves it. We all know that meat, sandwiches and other snacks are very salty so we need something light and fresh to quench the thirst. To prepare it you should squeeze some lemons, add some sugar if you like some mint leaves and loads of ice. You can choose to add still or sparkling water depending if you like bubbly drinks or not.
3. Strawberry shortcake: this easy dessert is a real crowd pleaser. Sure to go down well with children, it’s the perfect way to round off a nice alfresco lunch or dinner.
4. Raspberry and hazelnut meringue: packed full of fresh raspberries, this beautiful meringue makes the perfect cake for a summer dinner party or barbecue.
5. Special Scotch eggs: to make them you will need eggs, chopped bacon/other meat (vegan and vegetarian options can be used too), curry powder, mixed  herbs, salt, pepper, bread crumps and cooking spray. They will be cooked in the oven and all the preparation takes 20 minutes. Just quick and simple!
6. Cryfish scampi: is the ideal dish for summer, especially during August crayfish season. Serve with chips for a British pub classic, or with individual pots of tartare sauce as a dinner party This also makes a great finger food meal for children.
7.  Stilton and red pepper and asparagus tart with poppy seed pastry: this savoury Stilton cheese and red pepper tart will perfect match with a big green salad.  Light, fresh and tasty!
What is the most typical finger food in your country? What dish cannot be missed in a picnic or bbq?
We hope you enjoy a lot of outdoor spaces in Manchester and natural parks nearby. And if the weather allows it why not a tan and swimming in the local river or in the nearest beach (Formby or Southport).

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