Health and Safety Policy

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Health and Safety Policy


Express English College views the health and safety of students, staff, visitors and other users, as one of the most crucial in our aim to deliver high quality English Language education. It is our duty to do our upmost to protect all participants in the life of the college, and to maximise their health, wellbeing and happiness whilst accessing the college.

Express English College undertakes well-organised, well-established risk assessments, routines, practices and reporting to ensure the health & safety of all present at our premises. The college provides the necessary resources, establishes and reinforces positive and clear communication between all staff, and complies with all legal requirements, to maximise the effective roll out of health and safety procedures.

Express English College aims to promote health and safety, and absolutely minimise accident and incident, as well as poor working practices, on the premises by:

– Providing effective control of potential and actual health and safety risks arising from our work (such as conducting and updating risk assessments, and undertaking mandatory checks);

– Equipping students and staff with relevant and up-to-date information, support and targeted training/supervision related to health and safety, and by explaining and exploring their part in maintaining it;

– Working to prevent accidents and work-related ill health (including through those gained through poor working conditions and practices) where at all possible;

– Maintaining sustainably safe and on-going healthy working conditions;

– Evaluating this policy – and all related procedures – in a timely manner, and at least annually.


Welfare Manager: Moz

Fire Marshal and First Aid: Moz;

Reviewing Health and safety Policy and Procedures: Tim

Express English College believes in the ethos of taking shared responsibility for our health and safety, and of fostering a culture of care, concern, and wellness, even though the college has a clear, designated leadership structure in this area. We can all take some reasonable responsibility for our, and others’, health and safety in college.

Instructions for Students:

1.Take basic steps to ensure your own wellbeing and physical safety and the health and safety of others, such as avoiding crowding in the corridor or other small places, pushing past each other, being careful of the stairs, dealing with hot (and cold) drinks, respecting each other’s personal space in the student room, turning off unused computers, and helping to keep your classroom clean and tidy, etc.

2. Fire Evacuation Procedure

In the event of fire, evacuation procedures at Express English College are clearly displayed on our notice boards and will be shown to you during your induction.

– If you discover a fire, raise the alarm immediately by breaking the glass on the small red

alarm boxes.

If the fire alarm rings, leave the college calmly. Your teacher or other staff member will supervise you. Do not run, or push. Leave your personal items such bags and coats in your room. Do not attempt to fight the fire or delay leaving the building.

Stay at the Fire Assembly Point until you are told to return by Moz, who is the Fire Marshal.

– Always cooperate fully with staff when evacuating the premises during a fire drill (a test) or in the event of a fire. They know what to do – just follow their instructions, and the instructions here.

– Please take note of the signage around the premises so you are fully informed.

3. Report any accident/incident (even a small one) to the nearest staff member – don’t worry about whose ‘fault’ it might be or why/how it happened, just let someone know!

Accidents: In the event of an accident or injury you should inform Moz (Welfare Manager), who will record it in the EEC Accident Logbook.

Please note: First aid facilities are available at the Express English College reception desk.

4. First Aid Moz oversees First Aid arrangements and will contact the emergency services if required.

5. In an Emergency outside of college time:

In case of emergency, dial 999 and ask for Police, Fire or Ambulance. This service is


If you have an accident and need an ambulance, dial 999. If you do not need an

ambulance, you can go to the Accident and Emergency Department at the Royal

Manchester Hospital.

In the event of emergency during college time (class; breaks; activities/trips/visits): Please refer to the college Emergency Policy.

6. Risk Assessments

When student groups go on trips and visits, the group leader (the teacher) conducts and completes a detailed risk assessment, which must be signed off as suitable for all aspects of the trip or visit by Tim or Moz.

7. Smoking

Smoking is illegal under the age of 18.

Smoking is forbidden in any enclosed workplace, public building or public transport in

the United Kingdom. Express English College has a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy. This is to foster an atmosphere of safety, health, and wellness.

8. Drugs & Alcohol

It is illegal to buy alcohol under the age of 18 years and/ or drink it in public. It is illegal

to buy alcohol for someone else who is under 18 years.

It is illegal to buy, consume or supply controlled drugs.

Express English College operates a strict zero-tolerance approach to drugs and alcohol

misuse. As well as fulfilling our compliance with all UK laws, we also feel that the use of alcohol and/or drugs on, or around the premises, of the college is wholly inappropriate in the light of our goal of creating a healthy, happy, inclusive, and safe educational environment. If you have any concerns about drugs or alcohol, please speak to the Welfare Manager, Moz.


• Risk assessments are conducted every sixth months, to assess our health and safety procedures, equipment, clarity of signage, and similar.

• Moz and Tim will investigate accidents and work-related illness/absence, reporting to the directorate when appropriate.

• Evacuation routes are checked for ease of use regularly, and at least once a month.

• Fire extinguishers are checked every 12 months.

• Alarms are tested regularly, and at least once a month.

• Emergency evacuation equipment and procedures (fire drill) are tested at least every 6 months. Any cause for concern will be addressed immediately at an emergency team meeting (Ayub, Moz, Tim) and risk assessments or other relevant items will be updated, renewed, etc, at the earliest opportunity, and as a matter of high priority.

Appendix 1: Assembly Point Map (Car Park)


Appendix 2: First Aid Bags (Academic Management room, First floor and Reception Area)



Appendix 3: Fire Extinguisher (Entrance, First floor and Second Floor)


Review: Reviewed August 2021 (TC). This document to be reviewed by the Management Team not less than every six months. Next review due February 2022. It will also be subject to any changes based on UK law.