Feedback Policy

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Feedback Policy


Express English College collects feedback on all aspects of our services: teaching and learning, accommodation, social programmes, college facilities, agent services and airport transfers. We collect feedback to ensure quality of provision and to monitor client, most especially student, satisfaction, through the regular updating and reviewing of our services.


• On the first day of the course, all students participate in an induction programme. Upon completion, we ask students to complete a questionnaire about their arrival and induction session.

• During the first week, students attend and contribute to an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) meeting with the Academic Manager or Assistant Academic Manager. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and negotiate learning targets with the student. Each student will also fill in an Early Days’ Questionnaire at this time.

• All students studying for more than one month will meet the Academic Manager for a tutorial on a monthly basis. These tutorials help students to revisit personal learning goals and to set new ones, so they receive the greatest possible benefit possible from their course.

• In the final week, students can request an end of course review meeting with the Academic Manager/Assistant Academic Manager. They can finalize ILP goals and record and talk about future pursuits, educational or otherwise . Students also complete a questionnaire about their experience in the college.

• Students will be sent a monthly ‘Accommodation Feedback’ form which allows them to offer feedback on their accommodation and, where relevant, host families. The Welfare Officer will review feedback, recommend actions to relevant members of staff, and monitor outcomes. More pressing issues that arise will be dealt with quickly by the Welfare Officer in conjunction with the management team.

Feedback Review

•During Weekly and monthly staff meetings with the management team, the Welfare Officer will review feedback, recommend actions to relevant members of staff, and monitor outcomes. They will also raise any more pressing issues that may arise from feedback in their weekly meetings with the Academic Manager/Operations Manager.

• If a major concern is expressed in a student feedback form, the Welfare officer will try to resolve the concern by following the EEC complaints policy procedure. The Academic Manager may be involved if the issue is an academic one and will take the necessary steps to assess/address the root cause of the concern (by such activities as class observation, checking of resources, etc).

Review: Reviewed March 2024 (EC).

This document to be reviewed by the management team not less than every six months. Next review due September 2024. It may also be subject to any changes based on UK law.