Complaints Policy & Procedure

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Complaints Policy and Procedure


Express English College aims to listen to all complaints, both formal and informal, and tries to address the concern in the most suitable and timely way. We will make sure that:

• We inform all students about the complaints procedure on the induction day.

• We give the students chance to raise concerns through 1-1 meetings, ‘Early Days

Questionnaires’, tutorials and ‘End of Course Questionnaires’.

• We follow appropriate procedure involving relevant managers if a complaint is made.

Student Complaints Procedure

We offer a procedure about complaints relating to academic issues and complaints relevant to non-academic issues.

If you want to make a complaint, please follow appropriate procedure.

Complaints relating to academic issues:

• If you are unhappy about any aspect of your course, class, level, teaching materials, or books, talk to your teachers about it. If you feel that you cannot talk to your teachers because the complaint is about them, you can speak to the Academic Manager.

• The Academic Manager will talk to the teacher about the problem and try to resolve it. The Academic Manager/ Assistant Academic Manager will provide appropriate support to the teacher where necessary. • If you are still not happy with the result then you can complain to the Operations Manager using the complaint form. • The Operations Manager will try to resolve any complaint within 7 working days.

Complaints relating to nonacademic issues

• If you are unhappy about any other aspect of your stay, such as accommodation, the administrative staff, leisure programmes, or premises, then you can talk to the Welfare Manager.

• The Welfare Manager will listen carefully to your complaint and try to resolve your concern as quickly as possible.

• The Welfare Manager will work with the concerned party, staff, students or host families in order to make things better for you.

• If you are still not happy with the result, then you can complain to the Operations Manager in writing using the complaint form.

• If your issue is still not resolved, you can contact: [email protected].

Review: Reviewed August 2021 (TC). This document to be reviewed by the Management Team not less than every six months. Next review due February 2022. It will also be subject to any changes based on UK law.