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Online Social Interaction as one of the best ways of improving vocabulary, listening and speaking skills during lockdown

If you ask any fluent speaker how they have mastered their English-speaking skills, the most common answer would be practice as much as possible outside of the class.  We are not going to deny that grammar and formal lessons are important but the social part is also key.
You may think that there are no opportunities to join social clubs during the lockdown, but there are. You can join many different online social clubs and keep boosting your English from home

There are clubs and activities for all ages. Some of the clubs you may find are:


Here you will find the main reasons why interacting with others is so important to become a fluent English speaker.

  1. The best way of improving your oral skills is to speak. It may sound obvious, but you will feel more relaxed practicing in a more informal environment like the one of a social club. At Express English College we have a conversation club with weekly sessions, run by a native qualified teacher.
  2. Learn while you relax. The benefit of using online social clubs to learn English is that you won’t feel the pressure to get things right or do difficult activities like you do in class. For a lot of people, these are particularly stressful times, and social interaction is one of the best ways to cheer up and wind down.
  3. Improve your English skills while you are doing an activity you love like watching a film or reading a book, doing yoga or just chatting with people with similar hobbies. You will have the possibility of meeting people all around the world. You can also boost other skills like cooking or pottery.
  4. Develop your vocabulary: Depending on the club, you will be exposed to different words and phrases so you will get the opportunity of trying and learning about different topics. To assure you’re learning make sure you keep a notebook to write new words or useful sentences. Don’t be afraid of asking other students or the teacher if you don’t understand something you hear. Everyone will be more than happy to help you solve your questions and doubts.
  5. Make friends and keep practising: One of the best things about joining a social club is the possibility of meeting people with the same interests as you, so it is a great opportunity to make new friends from different countries.
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