Online General English Course

Online General English Course

Online General English Course

This course helps students build on their knowledge and command of English and develops their specific abilities in the key language skills of vocabulary extension, grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition to using course books, teachers engage their students via a variety of authentic, interesting and topical materials and activities. Our teachers encourage maximum participation in conversational and practical writing activities to motivate and enthuse students. General English is offered at all levels (A1–C2: Beginner to Advanced). General English offers flexible content where group needs are fully addressed, be they for personal, work-related, domestic or other goals.


  • To provide a full, wide-ranging curriculum of online activities and tasks to upskill and intensify your speaking, listening, reading, and writing accuracy and fluency, through extensive guidance and varied practice in each area.
  • To continually push your level upwards, through challenging and stimulating online activities such as teamwork/break out room tasks, individual presentations, grammar clinics and projects.
  • To show in-depth understanding and demonstrate flexible use of all main grammatical and
  • vocabulary items appropriate to the level, allowing you to practice and extend these towards and into the next level(s).
  • To explore your English pronunciation, modelling and perfecting standard English pronunciation throughout the course.

Course Details

Course Details

Lesson length: 2 hours a day Monday to Friday


Morning: 9:00 am – 11:00 am GMT. 11:00 am – 13:00 am GMT.

Afternoon and Evening: 13:00 am – 15:00 pm, 15:00 pm – 17:00 pm GMT, 17:00 – 19:00 pm GMT,

19:00 pm – 21:00 pm GMT

Study Option: 4 weeks OR 12 Weeks

Minimum age: 16 years old

Beginner to Advanced (A1–C2)

Young Learner English UK
Trinity Preparation
Green Standard School
Trinity Exam Centre
English UK
British Council