Mother’s Day in the UK

This Sunday, March 14, is Mothers’ Day in the UK, also sometimes called ‘Mothering Sunday’. Traditionally British people will visit their mothers, or if that’s not possible, send them a card or, better still, a present such as flowers or chocolates. Mothers’ Day is a chance to show your mum (Americans say ‘mom’) how much she’s appreciated and loved by her family.

This year COVID has made visiting family and friends much more difficult. It’s now almost exactly a year since Covid started showing its face in the UK and 12 months later, we still have to follow social-distancing rules. However, whether we can see our mum in person or not, Mothers’ Day is a chance to celebrate everything she does for us. There are plenty of ways to make her feel extra-special – here are some ideas:

  1. Bake a cake and send it to her by post. The best presents are those which are handmade.

  2. Send her a breakfast-in-bed delivery. Make her day special by freeing her from cooking or other household chores.
  3. Make a special photo album or scrapbook for her. She will keep it forever and she will feel you closer despite distance.
  4. Make a video telling how much you miss her and plan something special to do together when the restrictions are over. Maybe you don’t live in the same city and you cannot be together on this special day. Plan a short trip or a relaxing day on a spa.
  5. Enrol her in the course she has been looking for for ages but she has not signed in yet and make that your special gift. Lockdown is the perfect time to keep learning and improve our CV.
  6. Go old school and send her flowers and a nice card. Mimosas are the most typical flowers to send on this special day. Write a nice personal message for her and send her favourite bouquet.
  7. Have a video-meal together. Time together is the best gift ever! You will almost feel like if the whole family is in the same room.
  8. Plan a post-lockdown trip with her. Better times are to come! We will be able to travel again soon. So, pick a destination and book your tickets!
  9. Send her some chocolates. Sweet treats are always a good option for those with sweet tooth!

Many countries have a Mothers Day, but they may be on different days from the UK – in the USA it’s the second Sunday in May. Is Mothers’ Day celebrated in your country? What day is it? What are the most typical gifts and plans to do on that special date?  At EEC we love to learn about new cultures and about our students so please leave comments on our blog.

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