How to Get Ready to Study Abroad

Probably you are so excited about starting your English Course at Express English College. Before coming, here is some information that can help you.


If  you need specific medicine, make sure you bring enough for your stay in the UK.
In case you run out and you need more, keep the box or bottle and show it to a doctor, so he or she can prescribe that for you.

Start a Scrapbook

Are you familiar with the word? It is an empty book that you can fill with different objects related to your experience abroad, like flight tickets, gig tickets, photographs or flyers. You can add your best memories, to look back on when you go back to your home country.


Plan your trip to your destination and get into the mood. Plan some fun activities ahead of time. Buy a football match or a theatre ticket, have a look at the luxurious shops we have in Manchester or plan a trip to a must-see place like York. The opportunities are endless! Having something in the calendar to look forward to is a great way to get you motivated.


It’s unrealistic to expect that you will never feel homesick. We suggest you share your feelings with your friends and family or make a videocall to them, watch some TV or simply go out and have some fun.


Before flying to Manchester make sure you have read carefully what kind of luggage you can travel with and the product restrictions for entering the UK.  Keep in mind the clothes you are going to take to Manchester (check the weather details and forecast). Don’t overload your suitcase, you can find everything you need in the city shops. Keep it simple! When you leave, give away the clothes or stuff you don’t want to bring back home or donate them to a charity.
All the Express English College team are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school in Manchester. See you soon!

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