Online Student Handbook

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Online Student Handbook

A warm welcome to all our students from far and wide!

Express English College’s (EEC) purpose is to provide a quality learning experience to all our virtual students in a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment. We want students to improve their English language skills and achieve their future goals, by providing an engaging, modern, virtual learning environment that helps students achieve their end result. We would like to take this moment to welcome you into our school and wish you every success on your language learning journey. This handbook will give you the information you need whilst studying online with us.

Social Programme Although this is an online programme, there are opportunities to socialize in an informal setting timetabled throughout the week, after lessons in the afternoon, through our online platform. These range from cooking together to debating, with ‘coffee time,’ on Tuesday and Thursday. Your teacher will let you know on Monday what the weekly activities are.

09:00-10:45GE MornGE MornGE MornGE MornGE Morn
11:00-12:00GE MornGE MornGE MornGE MornGE Morn
12:00-13:00Eng. ExtraEng. ExtraEng. ExtraEng. ExtraEng. Extra
14:00-15:30GE AfternoonGE AfternoonGE AfternoonGE AfternoonGE Afternoon
15:45-17:00GE AfternoonGE AfternoonGE AfternoonGE AfternoonGE Afternoon

Please note: All Morning Online classes begin at 9:00 am UK time

Your Progress at EEC

Your progress in English language will be monitored continuously by our teachers and overseen by the Academic Manager. At the start of the course your initial level will be assessed using a placement test; you will then be placed in the most appropriate class. During your course, you will meet with the Academic Manager, firstly to discuss your Individual learning plan, then to explore your progress in monthly tutorials. Your teacher will normally set you progress tests throughout.

BEGINNER CEFR Level A1 – IELTS 0 – 2.5

ELEMENTARY CEFR Level A2 – IELTS 2.5 – 3.5




ADVANCED CEFR Level C1 – IELTS 7.0 – 8.0

Teaching and Learning

Students will work in pairs and groups online. Our qualified teachers are experienced in online teaching as well as traditional teaching.

The work will be a mixture of tasks and activities from relevant course books and other materials carried out over ZOOM. Students will follow the most relevant course book and interact with other online materials.

We offer the General English programme, and IELTS exam training, in our online sessions.

Level Placement Testing

On the first day of their course, all students will be tested using the Placement Test which includes a grammar and listening test. Every student sits the same test – you do as much a you can do!

During the Course In the first week, if the class is too difficult or easy, let your teacher know. Your teacher will discuss your situation with the Academic Manager and let you know what is best. The Academic Manager may ask to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the best way forward.

Follow up testing

For General English students, there will be some short unit tests, around every two weeks, and, to move levels (after around 180 hours of guided learning), you will normally be asked to do an end-of-level test. You must have 80 % online attendance record to do this.

This information is recorded on the tutorial record. Any level changes will normally start on the Monday following successful level testing.

Academic Reports and Certificates

Once a student completes a course at Express English college, they are given a certificate of attendance However, if you do not hold 80 % attendance, we cannot issue a certificate. The college can provide academic reports on request. To request one, please the student must email [email protected] or [email protected].

Except in exceptional circumstances, the report will be sent after two working days.


Students who enter the online classroom10 minutes will not be allowed to remain, unless in certain specific circumstances (see ‘Absences’ below).


The minimum attendance for this course is 80%. An attendance certificate will not be issued for students who attend less than 80 % lessons,except in exceptional circumstances, such as illness, personal problems, and related.

Absences and Holidays

In certain situations, if the student informs the college before the day of absence, and certainly one hour before the start of their class, they will be allowed authorized absence. Such situations are:

• A genuine illness

• Compassionate reasons such as the illness of a family member, partner, etc

• Attending an important appointment such as in the hospital, at an embassy or at the police station, etc

• Taking one day a month off to visit family, relatives, support network, etc.

• Taking one day off in a month for a cultural or religious ceremony/festival.

The college understands that sometimes students, their dependents or close relatives/ member of a support network can become ill and tries to help students in such situations.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour is taken very seriously. Such behaviours include direct or indirect discrimination of a person because of their disability, gender, race or religion and sexual orientation. The following is a list of unacceptable behaviours at Express English College:

• Any form of bullying- verbal or online or through social media sharing.

• National, religious, and cultural racism

• Sexism

• Homophobia

• Swearing

• Sexual harassment

• Reading or sharing of extremist materials online, or indecent or other images.

Any of the above behaviours would mean the student being asked to leave the online course. We want to create a safe and inclusive environment and respect the rules and regulations guiding our establishment both here in the UK and around the world.

Here is the policy for abusive behaviour whilst studying online at the school

1. A verbal warning is given by the Academic Manager, followed by a warning letter. 2. If the behaviour happens again, the student will be dismissed from his/her course with no refund. 3. In most extreme cases, the college has the right for an immediate dismissal of the student.


We take the welfare of our students very seriously, including online. If you have a welfare problem, you can speak to your teacher, or contact Moz, the welfare officer and Designated Safeguarding Lead at [email protected].

Equality and Respect

Although we are online, we still want to ensure and respect the wellbeing of our students, and staff, wherever they are in the world.

We assure you of our professionalism in respect to your health, safety, and of course in all academic matters.

We welcome diversity in our online classrooms and treat everyone with respect at our virtual college.  


Express English College aims to listen to all complaints, and we give the students chance to raise

concerns if any through online 1-1 meetings, early days questionnaires, monthly tutorials and end of course questionnaires.

Complaints relating to Academic Issues

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your course, class, level, or teaching and learning materials.

• Talk to your teachers about it. If you feel that you cannot talk to your teacher because the complaint is about them, you can speak to the Academic Manager. Email: [email protected]

• The Academic Manager will talk to the teacher about the problem and try to resolve it. The Academic manager will provide appropriate support to the teacher.

• If you are still not happy with the result, you can complain to the Operations Manager: [email protected].

• The Operations Manager will try to resolve any complaint within 7 working days.

• If you are not happy with this answer you have the option to contact the British council or English UK.

Complaints relating to non-Academic issues

• Contact the School Administration ([email protected]) if you have any queries. They will try to solve your problem.

• If you are not happy, then please speak to the , Welfare Manager. You can contact him using the above email address. Write ‘F.A.O ‘ in the subject heading.

• If you are still not happy, please put in your concerns in writing to the Operations Manager (see email above).

• If you are not satisfied with these responses, you have the option to write to the British Council/English UK.

Please read the following The following websites have good tips on how to keep everyone safe over the internet:


Good Luck on your English Journey!

Thank you for choosing to study here at Express English College. We are delighted to make you part of our college. Remember, if you need to contact us at any time, you can send us an email at [email protected]