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Course Description

Firstly, it is for ALL medical professionals! 

The chosen language of medicine and science is English. Medical and health workers all over the world are expected to communicate with each other – effectively and accurately – in English. The need for spoken and written precision and accuracy is obvious: other medical and health professionals need to be able to understand immediately what you are expressing in relation to a patient or client, and so do they themselves! This course addresses that essential need.

Additionally, you may wish to complete this course to enhance your employment or promotion potential: 

All medical professionals whose second or other language is English, who wish to, or who currently, work in English speaking countries’ medical or health institutions, often need to communicate in English more effectively and accurately. This course will help you do exactly that! It could lead to increased employment opportunities, and even promotion.

Equally, you may wish to follow the English for Medical and Health Purposes programme in order to utilize your medical skills with maximum flexibility, by communicating in two (or more) languages, including English. This could well offer you increased employment and promotion opportunities, for example, in countries where English is the official second language

Undertaking the English for Medical Purposes course at Express English College will also support you in preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET), and, if you have decided to sit for an IELTS academic examination at the level required for health professionals in a particular country, the course will engage and extend your academic skills necessary for such a high-level test. 

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Course Options

Lesson length is 1 hour

Minimum age: 17 years old

One to One Student Lessons

B1 (Pre-Intermediate)

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English for Medical


B1 (Pre-Intermediate)

Course Objectives

  • Provide examples of, explain, and give extensive opportunities to practice specific medical and health-related vocabulary and grammar for use in relevant professional situations (for example, in hospitals, clinics, General Practitioner Surgeries, care organisations, etc).
  • Offer students extensive opportunities to upskill their main English skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading) in a medical and health care context. This will be achieved through teaching and learning methods such as role play, simulation, vocabulary, and grammar exercises, reading and interpreting relevant materials, listening to, and extracting information from, subject-specific texts, writing reports, formal letters, summaries, and other relevant documents discussion, and via presentation.
  • Explore options such as: career routes, opportunities for promotion, publishing scientific/medical findings, and continuous professional development in the medical and health sector. 

The ENGLISH FOR MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE PURPOSES course will cover essential grammar, specialist vocabulary, and support you in your development of the key English skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading) through an exploration of the following topics:

  • Dealing with patient diagnosis
  • Dealing with patient symptoms 
  • Patient treatments 
  • Interpreting patient histories 
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Training – undertaking and delivering 
  • Medical Investigations and Research – presenting findings
  • Nursing – key duties; dealing with patients/clients; care and support
  • Health Care Professionals: job roles and responsibilities; dealing with clients; care and support
  • Administration and customer service: patient/client care, key administrative tasks/activities. 
  • How to develop your career in the health/medical sector. 

Additionally, your course can be tailored to offer you examination preparation and practice in the Occupational English Test (OPT) and/or the IELTS Academic Exam at the required level (usually 7.5): Please see below. 

The course can also be: 

Combined with General English (in the mornings; the ENGLISH FOR MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE PURPOSES course will run in the afternoons)

Combined with IELTS or EAP (English for Academic Purposes) lessons, or even with Business English tuition.

Combined with OPT exam practice lessons 

We can offer a combined programme of 20, 25, 30 or 40 Lessons a week. You can choose the number of weeks you want or need to study, the minimum being one. 

We can also offer English for Medical and Health Care Purposes as a one-to-one tailored programme. You will need to book a minimum number of lessons – please inquire for details.

Online options are also available, by request. 

It is suggested that a student displays a B1 or higher English (CEFR) level to benefit fully from this course. Students do a placement test in grammar and listening, a writing assessment, and participate in an informal interview with the Academic Manager, to ascertain their approximate level, once registered. 

Details for this course:

Class times: 9.00 - 12.00 (Break time 10:45 - 11:00)

Lesson length: 45 minutes

Minimum age: 16 years old

Class size: Maximum of 12 students

Class size: Maximum of 12 students

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