Halls of Residence


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Manchester - Daisybank Villas bedroom 10
Manchester - Daisybank Villas bedroom & kitchen
Manchester - Daisybank Villas kitchen 2
Manchester - Daisybank Villas kitchen 3
Manchester - Daisybank Villas kitchen 4

Provider: Homes for Students (We offer Halls of Residence for 18 years students and above.)


Halls of Residence

Park View: (7 Minutes by walk) 

Daisybank Villas: (20 minutes by walk) 


Park View Transport used: No.15 Bus (arrives every 20 minutes) 

Daisybank Transport Used: No.15 Bus (arrives every 20 minutes) 



  • Each bedroom comes with its own en-suite shower.
  • Each apartment is fully furnished and has beautiful décor.
  • The kitchens are fully integrated with appliances and a breakfast bar and stools.
  • The shared areas have contemporary sofas and a TV, where students can relax and socialise with their flat-mates and friends.
  • Car parking is available and up to 100Mbps WIFI is provided throughout the property for the student’s convenience.
  • A common room has TV and Skybox. Laundry facilities are available are also available
  • 24 hours security is in place to ensure safety at all times, and night wardens.
  • Each student will also have a key fob which will allow entry into the building through the secure door system.


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